Snow covered mountains. Beautiful turquoise lakes. Cute little villages… Can you see it? I saw it. In Switzerland. I swear, it was the most beautiful place I have visited in my life so far. There were so many amazing things in that beautiful country, but there are also some downfalls to deciding on this area as a travel destination.


Good things about Switzerland:

  1. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. As we flew into the country we went right over the Swiss Alps and it all because real. Never did I see myself being so lucky as to experience one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world.
  2. There are a lot of things to do as far as excursions. There are opportunities to go skiing, sledding, and take a gondola up to the highest peak. There are even package deals that take you up into the snow to sled, and they will provide fondue, a common swiss snack.
  3. Great for hiking and nature lovers. I am sure you can image the immense hiking opportunites that the mountains there have to offer. There are tons of places that provide trails that lead to amazing views of the country. But no matter where you are standing, I guarantee you will be awestruck at just the sight of the massive mountains that surround you. img_1811

Not so good things about Switzerland:

  1. Everything. Is. So. Expensive. The flight to get there was pricey to begin with, but then we rented a van to get around. Plus the food and the ice skating and the souveniers… It all added up. But to reduce the prices, we all went in together on groceries that consisted of spaghetti fit for 7, and sandwich meat.
  2. Most things are very far apart which makes it a tad inconvenient. This is exactly why we had to rent a van, and it turned out to be a great decision. The only regret I have about it is that we spent a lot of time driving around trying to figure out what to do and navigating where to go next, which didn’t give us as much time to enjoy where we were and what we were doing for long.
  3. You have to use swiss franks which are much different currency than pounds, dollars, and euro. Once you get the hang of converting your money over and over, it really isn’t bad, but I recommend downloading an app that does it for you so that you don’t spend more than you intend to. img_1817


  1. Spend as much time in the alps as possible. They are gorgeous and it’s the freaking Swiss Alps for crying out loud. Enjoy them while you can!!
  2. Visit the town Lutry. There is a beautiful lake walk  which is perfect for watching the sunset with the mountains in the background. Our experience there was unexpected, but ended up being the best part of the trip. It was one of those, “let’s just pull off here and see what happens” instances.
  3. Book excursions ahead of time. My group of friends discovered that bookings close pretty quickly. Even though there are a lot of opportunities and activities available, it is easy to miss out on them if you don’t book them early enough!img_1595IDBW0741.jpgIERP8289.jpgAHJX8353.jpgBTEU5154.jpgFKDB3387.jpg

5 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. I really love your pictures in the mountains. I’m 66 and no longer have my Goldwing but me and Doris vacationed in the Blueridge mountains for 15 years and I still miss it. I always felt closer to God in the mountains than any church I ever visited.


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