Studying Abroad: Nerves

I am absolutely in love. Studying at Harlaxton Manor is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life, and it has only just begun.

When I started preparing to leave there were so many things I had worries about. These worries included:

  1. “I am going to miss out on so much at home.”
  2. “I do not know any other languages, how will I communicate?”
  3. “I am going to spend way too much money.”

Yes. The list could go on. But let me just say to anyone thinking about studying abroad: None of that matters. The things I will miss out at home are things I have experienced and will continue to experience. There are apps that will help with translations. Money should not be an issue! It will all work itself out! (However, it would be wise to get a job before and afterwards… it does get very pricey.) And if something was forgotten at home– no biggie! Parents can easily mail stuff, or it’s possible to purchase items abroad. Really it’s not a big deal.

Point being, Hakuna Matata! The experiences you will have will wipe away all worries.


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