Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is a place that I keep saying “I have to go back.” While in Edinburgh, I got two different views of the city. The first view was when I was walking on the sidewalks, stopping at food trucks, and browsing street markets. The other view was the more scenic and beautiful one… The view from Arthur’s Seat. The cool thing about Arthur’s Seat is that it is actually a dormant volcano. Hiking to the very top took about 30-40 minutes. Though it was extremely foggy due to the fact that we were literally inside a cloud, it was an amazing experience. And the hike was certainly a fun one!

Things I liked in Edinburgh:

  1. Writing on the Bathroom wall of the Elephant House Cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series.
  2. Getting Macaroons
  3. Seeing the Edinburgh Castle
  4. Going to Arthur’s Seat

Advice for anyone wanting to go:

  1. Hike Arthur’s Seat, and do it at sunrise! It will be less foggy and totally worth it. And free.
  2. Don’t eat at chain restaurants. You can do that anywhere. GO TO THE MARKETS AND FOOD TRUCKS! So much cheaper.
  3. The Royal Mile isn’t really that great for shopping. They mainly sell cashmere, kilts, and whiskey. Usually those are pretty expensive.
  4. The Edinburgh Castle is cool, but if you have to choose between that and something else, do something else. The castle can be spotted from all over the city. It costs to go in, but it’s free to stand outside and take a picture of it.

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