Lisbon, Portugal

Land of trolleys, custard tarts, and warm weather… AKA– my kind of place! Plus any new place to explore is right up my alley, and Portugal did not disappoint.

Places to see:

  1. Roof Tops of Alfama- Interesting story about Alfama, actually… THE two attractions in that part of the city are the notorious roof top view, and the Castle of St. Jorge. The castle is the only place that has an open view for the public to see the roof tops… WELL. On the day we were there, all the employees were on strike, so no one was allowed in! Thus, the viewing area was unavailable! Yeah. BUMMER. But by happenstance, we ran into a girl that sent us wandering down a couple random alleys (that were dirty and swarming with fruit flies), that finally lead us to someone’s back yard where we snuck in and took pictures of the rooftops! *insert upside down smiley face* Wasn’t as planned, but got ‘er done! We got yelled at for trespassing, but totally worth it.
  2. Tower of Belem- The city of Belem was a beautiful place in general. A gorgeous monastery with a beautiful garden. Would have been the perfect place to have a picnic and read a book. But the Tower of Belem is simply iconic. The tower was surrounded by local artists selling their paintings, and there were all sorts of food stands. Though, I fell down the spiral staircase and hit my head on the ceiling of the dungeon, the tower was a highlight. Beautiful view of the Tagus River. Also, didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect!
  3. Cascais Beach- Another beautiful area, but instead of city sites and historical structures, this beach was surrounded by colorful houses and packed with people. There were restaurants less than 3 minutes away (though they were a little more expensive in that area.) And the drive from Lisbon to Cascais was a lot further than preferred, (took about an hour by Uber and 2 hours by train) but like I said, it was gorgeous and definitely a must-see place.

Delicious Portugese Food:


Time Out Market BEFORE it got busy.

Portugal was the country that I found had the BEST eats. All of my favorite foods from this country, in fact, could be found at the Time Out Market. LEGIT one of the most unique places I have seen in my life. Starting around 6 pm, the place was so packed with people that not a single seat was left empty.

  1. Portugese style steak. So mouthwatering that I don’t even know how to describe this, and unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, but this steak was so worth 14 euro. It was juicy and had a ton of flavor. Out of about 40 options, the place that was serving my yummy steak by far had the longest line.
  2. Custard Tarts were so good I ate about 12 in one day. (They were 1 euro each.) They are kind of a portuguese specialty.
  3. A really freaking good burger. It was so bloody and wet that the bun was soggy but it was completely (and surprisingly) delicious. Plus it had a fried egg on it which just made it better. I know, so typical of an American to order a cheeseburger in a different country, but seriously had to be the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. IMG_4325

    Macaroons…. Need I say more?

    I loved a lot of things about Portugal, but especially for all you foodies out there, I highly recommend a visit! YUM. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I very much appreciated how you included places to visit, as well as informative points, such as what surrounds some of the locations mentioned. I personally believe you should name the hostel you stayed at and what you thought about it. For anyone who plans on visiting (me). Haha! But regardless lovely blog!!!

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