Bodysuits and Besties

The summer outfit posts continue! I have another OOTD here for you today, and I am hoping you like it. This particular outfit is something I never really thought I would be comfortable wearing. My initial thought was, “oh my gosh what will people think of me wearing this?” I’ll admit, it took a little persuading from a good friend that the outfit was perfectly nice, which helped me realize that it’s stupid to worry about what other people think. When it comes to fashion, things come and go. But if you want to have a style, you have to embrace it! I ended up loving this outfit and feeling confident and classy.

From this outfit, I think the main item that catches the eye is the black mesh body suit. One thing that I love about it is that it can be worn for many occasions! Especially great for a date night or just going out with the girls. Plus, depending on how you decide to put it together, it can be used for several different styles as well! Pair it with your distressed denim skinnies or a leather skirt and you’ll have an edgy look. Or like put on a loose skirt or some flowy shorts and glam it up a bit! There are so many looks that can come out of this one piece. I got it from forever21 store (go figure).

The dolphin hem nude shorts featured in this outfit are from forever21 as well. I thought they were really comfortable, but in all honesty they wrinkle SO easily and I hate wearing things that wrinkle. Especially if I am going to be in the car or sitting down.

The strappy black lace bralette that I have on underneath the top is super cute too and I feel more grown up when I wear it. I got it from Tilly’s back in December!

The black fringe ankle boots are, once again, from forever21. I actually wear these shoes a lot because I feel that black booties are absolutely essential to own. They can go with jeans, dresses, shorts, or skirts to dress up almost any outfit. I actually bought them over a year ago so they are no longer available online, but I will leave a hyperlink to a similar pair. These ones are from Maurices and are on sale now for only $9.99!

I just want to close by saying that I am so happy to have a friend that encourages me to be more adventurous with my outfits. If I hadn’t listened to her, that body suit would have sat in my closet, never to be worn. Having someone around that says “dang girl, you look hot” can really make a difference sometimes. (It’s also nice to have someone around that loves fashion as much as you do!!)

Thanks again for reading my blog guys! I hope you can get some inspiration from this outfit and I hope it will make you want to come back for more!




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