Lace Craze

To me, lace dresses never go out of style. They are always classic and classy. Though I do agree that color matters, lace is something that will never die. So I decided to write about how to get good use out of these dresses this summer!

So this first one is probably my favorite dress that I have ever owned. I wore it to a Fraternity Formal party last summer and got so many compliments! The great thing about it is that it is really perfect for any fancy summer occasion, like weddings. (It’s that time of year!) Black lace is endless guys. I got this little number at forever21… which you may have noticed, is kind of my go-to place to shop. (the one in the hyper link is from Charlotte Russe, but looks kinda like mine!) Also… just take a look at those shoes. I mean… wow. Also courtesy of F21! I can’t find the exact pair anymore, but here is a link to some that look similar

My mom actually wore this dress back in the 90s.  Just proves that lace will be around forever and ever. But look how freaking cute it is. I think it would be perfect for a summer baby shower (especially for a baby girl!!) or even a bridal shower.  It’s very modest too, so also a good pick for anything that might have to do with church! Unfortunately, I can’t exactly tell you where to buy this particular dress but…. And the shoes I wore Jr. year for prom! (highly recommend buying rewearable prom shoes btw.)

I wore this blue beauty to a high school graduation, plus a couple of graduation parties. I got it from Francesca’s on sale at the time! Again, I think it would be great for several occasions like a boy baby shower, or even a wedding! And it is something that I know I can keep around for a while. Shoes: wore for my senior prom. *smirk* I like to hold onto things.

This last dress is so typical of me. I am a lover of white dresses, and I just thought this one was so elegant when I bought it 4 years ago from Charlotte Russe, and have worn it several times since! It’s really a versatile dress. I find that it can be either very simple -with sandals or flats- or can be really dressed up – with accessories and heels. Regardless, it is easy to make it fit to your own personal style. The first time I wore it was actually on a nice fancy date, but *sigh* I wore it with cowboy boots. Thankfully I have passed that phase and am finding new and improved ways to style this dress. If you ask me, it can be worn to really anything. Dances, Easter, baby showers… just maybe don’t wear it to anyone’s wedding. (also perfect for frolicking in meadows evidently)

Thank you guys for reading my blog! Please comment and let me know if you would like to see me write about anything specifically! Love yousssss.



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