My Stay in Budapest

My stay in Budapest. “My hidden treasure chest.” Budapest, Hungary was an experience unlike the rest. Such a beautiful city!


These little trolleys go all over the city! Cheapest transportation for locals other than walking.

One cool thing about Budapest is that the Danube River goes right down the middle of the city. On one side of the river is “Buda” and on the other side is “Pest”. Once two separate cities, they actually combined to form Hungary’s capital city.

Of course, the whole time we were there, the song Budapest followed. Whether being played on our phones or just being sung by someone in the group. We were looking for reasons “why we should ever make a change” and never leave!


When you see da buda… (haha)

We took a whole day to take in the historical/touristy places around the city. There were amazing buildings like the Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and Fisherman’s Bastion that were right on the edge of the river. When it got dark out, the lights reflected off the water and created an even more stunning sight. Plus the Castle was on a hill which gave us some really amazing views of the city. And it turned out to be the best place to find souvenirs because of the large variety!


Parliament Building! Aka… the pointy building.


Fisherman’s castle!


“Hey I’ll talk to you later, I’m looking at a building.”

That night ended with a river cruise that included free unlimited beer and free pizza! (It was packed full of very rude people.) Too much beer… or not enough?

The second day we had there was pretty fun and filled with adventure. We got up extra early to go to the House of Terror, which was filled with memories of prisoners from two different government regimes (fascists and communists) where people were captured, interrogated, and killed in that building.


Inside the museum, the phones gave information about the exhibit… too bad it was in Hungarian!


Maps make for cool carpeting.

When we stepped out of the doors of the museum we stumbled upon a huge street parade! Probably one of the coolest things about that trip because of how random it was! There were people dressed up in really traditional clothing; there were drummers and trumpeters; and there was also this giant man-puppet! Since we were there in April, we assumed it was to celebrate the start of their upcoming Spring Festival, but we couldn’t really ask anyone because they didn’t speak English.


This puppet was a LARGE part of their parade.


We ended up joining the parade and walking behind the drummers!

Eventually we headed to the attraction we had all be looking forward to… the Szechenyi Thermal Baths. (I like to call them the Buda Baths.) And this location did not disappoint. Guys it was so awesome! I wanted to spend my whole day there, switching from hot bath to cold bath. There were people of all ages there just relaxing and drinking and enjoying the sunny weather. It was perfect.

I think my favorite thing about this trip was traveling with people I didn’t know very well. It gave me the chance to make some really amazing friends, and these people helped create the buda-best memories!

You-da-best, Budapest.


“Pest” Buds ever!


Traditional Hungarian food. (Fried dough, sour cream, and cheese.) Good thing we were Hungary!


Cheese soup, noodles, and chicken…. 1200 forints! (Hungarian currency)


Cutest old lady everrrrr.


Shoes on the Danube… Men, Women and Children were executed here during the war and the shoes are left there as a memorial.

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