Adventures from Home

If you guys know me in person, or follow me on Instagram, or have read any of my blogs, then you also know that I studied (and traveled) in Europe for 4 months. I will say that nothing I have ever done before compares to that experience, but when I left, I told myself that the adventures wouldn’t end.

Oh just hang in’ around.

So to keep my adventure juices from dying, I took a journey in my own home state of Indiana a few weeks ago. (Just a tad different from catching flights in Europe every weekend, but you know…) It turns out there are amazing sites and places to be found close to home! And if you ask me, they are worth seeking out. In my backyard are the amazing places: Holiday World, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, and Lincoln State Park.

I have always been a nature girl. My dad is the Naturalist at Lincoln State Park, where I grew up. I spent a lot of time on the trails and in the park, but I had never really visited other Indiana State parks. When I heard about Clifty Falls, in Madison, Indiana, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. The park is well known for the waterfalls, so the decision came easily. 🙂

Clifty Falls would be the perfect place for anyone who loves hiking with the waterfalls as a bonus. So, of course keep in mind these tips:

  • Don’t forget bug spray because moist places (like waterfalls) have tons of mosquitos!
  • Wear GOOD, closed toe shoes. Nothing really flimsy or you could twist an ankle.
  • Bring water and a light snack. Hiking is a lot of work sometimes so hydration and fuel are super important!!

Since I have a busy work schedule this summer, I don’t have time to run around and travel like I would reallllyyyy like to. Therefore,  finding cool things to see and do nearby helps to feed my travel bug and allows me to appreciate my southern Indiana home more and more.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Found a cave to explore!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Thanks for reading my blog guys! Sorry it was a tad short. Hope you enjoyed it though!

Question for ya! Where is your favorite place to get away in nature? I would love to know!

~Sienna ❤

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