One Piece Swimsuits

I recently saw on Good Morning America that one reason one piece swimsuits have come back in style and become so popular is because of the new Bay Watch movie where beautiful people run on the beach in sexy one piece swim suits. But my question is: why did one piece swim suits ever stop being cool? They are super flattering and there’s nothing wrong with a little modesty. Not only are they cute, but they are also practical. If you plan on being active in the water or on the beach, a one piece is perfect for that! Plus, they can multitask as a body suit… and if you read last week’s post, you already know that I am obsessed with bodysuits.

I got 2 of my suits of the season from the online shop Zaful. This one I love because, let’s be honest, it’s pretty sassy, but still shows less skin than a bikini would! Plus, black swimsuits are timeless.

This second one (also from Zaful) is a print that is really trendy this summer, but probably wont last long. I love the palm tree pattern, though, because it is so tropical and screams summer.

But the reason I like it so much is because it can be put together with some shorts (or even a skirt and I venture to say even a pair of jeans) and it acts as a bodysuit! Here is an example of how I paired it with some high-waisted shorts from forever21:

Of course we can’t forget about my awesome floppy hat from Guess!!! Ugh. That is something I am going to hold onto forever and give to my daughter one day.

Of course I have to do a throw back piece, when possible, as well. I love holding onto old clothes, because styles always come back, and it’s better for the environment to reuse any items that are still in good enough shape to do so! This was my mom’s swimsuit from when she was my age and going to college in Hawaii (pretty cool, I know.) But, unfortunately, I can’t tell you where to buy it, or where to find one like it. But I am sure you will have success finding one that is just right for you.

I hope you can tell I am happy wearing  one piece suits, in siennaskystyle!

Thanks for checking out my blog today guys! I hope these swimsuits inspired you to find a one piece that matches your style too. Comments welcomed and appreciated.

~Sienna ❤

Fun Fact! Another term for a one piece swim suit is “monokini.”

QOTD:  What is your favorite thing to do during the summer??  I love swimming or chilling by the pool with a good book. Let me know below! 🙂



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