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Well guys! My favorite week of the summer is about to arrive: running camp. Now to non-runners, that statement probably sounds 100% CRAZY. But let me just say that this week is filled with awesome food, and awesome people. What more could I ask for?? Yessss we do run. A lot. But the camp is filled with people who have this crazy passion, which gives us all an automatic bond!

This is actually the 20th anniversary of Brahms Running camp, and my 10th year! (I have been going there since I was 11 years old.) And now I’m all old and have to be a counselor. But it’s fine because that means I get to boss high schoolers around.

Anyway– to the point: I will be off the radar for the rest of this week! Aka no blog posts. But when I come back I’ll be at it again with new content, but the same happy attitude. (Yay!)

So I will be back with you guys next Tuesday! Thanks for all the support! Time for camp, Sienna Sky Style. Peace out.


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