Running Camp Reflection

There are important moments in life that stick with you forever. The impact Brahm’s Running Camp has made on me over the past 10 years has provided many of those moments. I first attended as a camper 10 years ago and I am now a counselor at the camp.

Each year I learn a life lesson. For example, I have learned to stay in the present moment and not to let life pass me by. I have, of course, learned things about running (from an Olympian, Terry Brahm.) And the lesson presented this year was never give up on the things that are important to you, which I think should be a wake up call for anyone who is willing to listen!

We had three guest speakers during the week whose words left a resounding influence.  The first lesson was from one of our Camp Directors, Nina Brahm. Her message was to never give up. She illustrated examples of people who tried and failed many times. One of those was Abraham Lincoln, who ended up being LEGENDARY. In fact, Ol’ Abe once said, “It’s a slip, not a fall.” How perfect is that quote?

The second speaker was the perfect example of someone who never gave up through great adversity. As a 21 year old, she was a college cheerleader and her life changed during a cheerleading practice. Standing 2 men high in a pyramid, her foot slipped and she fell and broke her neck. As soon as her head hit the ground, she was paralyzed from the shoulders down. The doctors said she would never walk again or ever have children… but this lady is my mother, Kathleen Crews. She never gave up and it worked for her. Not only is she the mother of two, she walks now, though with difficulty. Through the power of faith and positive thinking, anything is possible.

Our last speaker, the Camp Director, Terry Brahm (the Olympian) taught me that if you really want something, you gotta go for it full force. You have to do all the little things in order to be the best. Another speech associated with the theme of “Never give up.”

I leave camp each year feeling motivated and ready to work my hardest. Yet, this year I not only came home impacted by our motivational guest speakers, but I also learned a lot from the campers. There are middle schoolers who work so hard, giving their all to keep up with the older, more experienced high school runners. When not running, and there was need for assistance at camp, the campers were always offering an extra hand. (Cleaning the bathrooms, getting meals ready, and cleaning up after meals.) That kind of attitude is inspiring.

This reflection of camp doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what camp means to me and what it means to everyone else who has been there. I can’t imagine my life without these amazing people. These people make the moments that stick with me forever!

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