Introducing: Workout Wednesday

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, its about being better than you used to be.”

The number 1 most prevalent thing in my life has been fitness. I have done sports all my life and I have been running since I was 11 years old. Every single day, I get up and I stretch and do some type of long distance cardio. So I think it’s about time I start sharing my workout routine!

Lately, I have been having to do a lot of cross training (anything but impact). I am an injury-prone runner, so I have been dealing with some rather pesky shin problems for about 2 months. My workouts have been consisting of biking, aqua jogging, and core workouts.

Today, for example, I biked 13 miles and did an hour long water workout.. (in a lake I might add.. that’s southern Indiana for ya.)

Afterward, I did 10 minutes of core work which included several plank variations and some pushups.

Can’t forget about meditation! Running is a mental sport more than anything else, and even though I can’t run as of now… I still gotta stay head strong and focused! And if I could give advice to anyone about anything, it would be to stay head strong and focused about whatever it is you are passionate about, and meditation is great for that.

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I will continue to update this part of my blog, and if anyone has any questions or suggestions PLEASE me in the comment section below! Until then though, I will be running around Sienna Sky Style. Thanks for checkin it out!

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