The realization that summer is coming to an end really hit me this week. It’s gotten to that really depressing part of the season where school is just around the corner and it feels like we have to scurry to finish up our sunny days of freedom the right way. So how do I choose to spend my last few weeks? I choose to spend them wearing rompers.

I have always loved rompers because they can be considered casual, but they are also undoubtedly adorable. My favorite types of clothing are the kinds that can be interchangeable. They can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the event and how you decide to accessorize.

This romper, for example, I wore on my 21st birthday because I wanted to look cute, but it was still the appropriate amount of “cas” to be able to wear to the zoo. (And this may seem weird, but I felt like it was perfect for a safari-type-look.) Plus, my choker had a little elephant on it! But not only was this outfit great for a trip to the zoo on my birthday, but it was also the perfect style for going to lunch with a good friend!

The romper itself is from- you guessed it- forever21. Which means it is attractive, and affordable.

Guys. This romper is my number one favorite purchase I have made all summer. And probably my favorite summer outfit too. It is sooo comfortable and I feel awesome when I wear it. I don’t even know how to begin expressing my affection for this one. I swear it is perfect. I have worn it a couple times this summer. It’s really great for wearing over a swimsuit if you still want to look cute before/after you get in the pool. It was also a great roll-out-of-bed-for-brunch go to. I also wore it to a baseball game! This summer has been sooo hot, so it’s hard to find the right outfit to go with the weather… for me, this romper is always the answer.

I got it at Charlotte Russe when I went to Mall of America in June! Super affordable. I love it.

Some people aren’t huge romper fans, but I need them as part of my summer wardrobe. Thanks again for checking out my blog! I love writing about my favorite styles and clothes… especially during the summer!

Just rompin’ around, Sienna Sky Style!



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