My Running Routine

Running sucks. There is no doubting that. But the way I feel after the pain, makes it worth while. Especially when I accomplish a personal record of a time, distance or other achievement. Plus, I feel good about doing something good for my overall health and fitness. That is why I keep at it. That is what motivates me to get up early and train, whether I am able to run or have to resort to cross training, knowing that I can achieve the awesome “I did it” feeling.

On a regular and ideal summer training day,  I wake up early enough that I can eat breakfast an hour before I get going, and early enough that it isn’t ungodly hot outside. I’ll do a good stretch and then I’ll hit the road. I try to drink plenty of water.

A distance run is usually in order, but lately I have been injured and unable to run what distances I  would like, so 4 miles is my limit for now. However, biking is zero impact, so I opt for that to finish out my cardio/distance for the day.

Following the run, I roll my legs out and do about 10 minutes of core. Most of the time I do the same “crunch variations” which can also be known as “caramels.” But sometimes I switch it up and do a random workout I find on Pinterest just for some variety and to try new ideas.

My running/workout routine changes all the time, because of injuries, work or school schedule and weather conditions. And I know everyone has their own way of doing things. But hopefully you’re reading this blog because you want to start a workout routine of your own, and maybe you needed some inspiration! I hope this blog has given you an idea on how to start a routine for yourself.  As for me, I just keep on trying to train in Sienna Sky Style. Thank you so much for reading! If there is anything else you would like to see me write about, just let me know!



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