Sand Cloud Towels!

In the past year, Sand Cloud Towels have gotten extremely popular. You may have seen ads on Facebook, or watched them on Shark Tank, or you may have even seen your friends post them on Instagram! If not, you may be wondering what these things are all about.


I love finding companies that share their profits with good causes, especially when the funds go to helping the environment. Sand Cloud is known for donating a portion of their revenue to organizations that help preserve marine life.


I applied to be a sand cloud ambassador in January because their cause is important to me. I love the towel that I bought from this fish-friendly brand. It’s not really a “dry-off towel” instead, it is light weight and attractive so it can be hung up like a tapestry, it can be used to lay out on and can even used as a cute, fun swimsuit wrap!


If you guys are interested in any Sand Cloud products, you can use my family and friend promo code, SiennaC25 and get 25% off your purchase!


Thanks for checking out my blog post today guys! I hope you are interested in investing toward Sand Cloud and their cause. #savethefishies 


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