The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Hello there! Back for another #WorkoutWednesday post! I want to thank you guys again for reading my blogs. I spend a lot of time thinking about what my viewers would be interested in reading, and then a lot more time putting those thoughts into words. So for now, I think I am going to touch on a subject that I get asked about quite often… The Alter G.

Many of you may know from reading My Running Routine or my Introducing: Workout Wednesday posts, that I have been struggling with shin problems for a while now. I have been going to doctors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to get work done on my legs. Usually it is something along the lines of getting dry needled, rolled out or scraped, all of which are pretty painful! A blog about these treatment methods will be coming soon.

As I have mentioned in previous Workout Wednesday posts, I have been cross training quite a lot! This includes biking, swimming, and most recently– the anti-gravity treadmill AKA, the Alter G. The same can be said for any injured athlete. Cross training is essential.

Here is how it works: There is a treadmill, but what makes it anti-gravity is a big bubble thing that I get zipped into that it fills up with air and allows me to choose what percentage of my own weight I can bare on impact without pain. This allows me to put less pressure on my legs, thus helping me recover from my injury! Currently, I am running at 60-65% of my weight, allowing me to get the motion of running but doing so pain free. Here is a picture of the device:

My shin usually feels sore the next day, but I am just happy to have no pain during my workout. 🙂 I find this to be the best form of cross training I could ask for. Though I do not love to roast in a heat producing bubble, I am very thankful that the University of Evansville Cross Country Team has access to an anti-gravity treadmill.

As always, I suggest a good amount of stretching, before and after running on the Alter G.  If running on the machine at very low body weight percentage leaves a runner feeling like he or she needs more conditioning, she could opt for some biking and ab workouts to supplement the routine. As for me, I’ll keep working out in Sienna Sky style.




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