Summer Trends to Take to School

It’s that time of year again. Many of you have already started school again, or will be starting very soon. Yes, it is something to grimace about, but all you can do is take advantage of each day and try to be as happy as possible- be happy in the present moment! I don’t know about you, but I am happiest when I am wearing something that I love, and I am still in love with this summer’s trends. So in order to go through the transition from summer time to class time, here are some styles to bring with you to school.

  1. Body Suits of course: I think you guys may know by now, I love body suits. I have mentioned them several times before in two other blogs, Body Suit Obsession and Body Suits & Besties. This particular body suit is a great “repetition” option. It’s white and adorable which means it great paired with anything you want to style it with. Great with jeans, skirts, shorts… But to make it more “classroom appropriate,” I paired it with a jean jacket since some classrooms are colder than others.
  2. Graphic Tanks: I’ve been rocking this tank top throughout the seasons since my junior year of high school. These tops will be stylish for a long time, and are super versatile as far as taste goes. I think in order to make your favorite tank top better suited for school, wear a cute flannel with it! Tie the flannel shirt around your waist if you are outside where it is still hot, or wear it like a regular shirt in doors where it gets chilly! Win-win…looks great and trendy either way!
  3. Can’t forget about our off the shoulder shirts. Shoulders are so in this year! Personally, I am a fan. I think shoulders are a beautiful body part. Though some schools may not allow completely off the shoulder shirts, they may allow shoulder cut outs! Which is why I decided that this trendy cut out needed a shout out.

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