Goodbye Forever Summer 2017

I have heard people say, “The tans will fade, but the memories last forever.” I think the same can be said about summer 2k17. This summer will go down in my own personal history as the summer that I have worked harder than I ever have in my life. Though I didn’t get to travel and accomplish some of the amazing adventures like I wanted to, I created a version of myself that I have been working toward for a very long time. I finally started consistently posting on my blog; I worked out more than I ever have before in summers past; all the while I was holding two jobs. The reason I bring that up now, is because I wanted to start off this post by telling you that no matter what activity you are doing in your life, it is important. You grow with every experience. Maybe you find what you really want in your life, or maybe you discover what you don’t want. What matters is how you react to those situations.

Moving forward, I want to reflect on some of the trends from this summer. As I replace summer clothes with back-to-school clothes in my closet, I like remembering moments and phases of my life by what showed up in my closet during the season. I think style really shows who you are as a person, and the events and emotions you have experienced. I am going to recap four summer style trends – because as you know by now, I love fashion.

(1) So first, one piece swim suits! I did a whole post about these, so hopefully you guys read that.  If not, you can see it in this link. 🙂 I am really glad that these babies made a come back. I just think they are attractive, practical, AND modest AND multi-useful.

(2) Another love from this summer was denim overalls, with the added detail of embroidery. Either way, LOVE! In fact, one of my first purchases of the summer was an embroidered denim dress! Later I picked up a pair of overall shorts. Both of these looks are great for any cute/casual get together.

(3) A style I really want to emphasize this summer is shoulder tops. Shoulders are really “IN” right now, ladies. It’s amazing! I love the “off-the-shoulder” look and the “open shoulder” look. It’s a fashion I have repeated several times this year, and something I will continue to repeat.

(4) Now, for a new and fun trend from summer ’17: CUTE FLOATS! Winner winner chicken dinner. It seemed Instagram exploded with water-lovers and their third cousins sitting on inflatable birds, or some type of floaty treats, such as ice cream, fruit, and even pizza.

Of course I know that people experienced different types of summer, and I also know that not all trends appeal to everyone, but I really hope that this post made you look back at your summer (particularly your summer wardrobe and floatable accessories) and smile.

Now it’s time for a whole new season as school comes at us full force! Thank you for checking in today! And that’s how I hold onto summer memories in Sienna Sky style.


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