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How many times have we heard that the problem with kids nowadays is that they do everything online? They’re too lazy to go out and do physical activities… Well if saving time makes me lazy, fine. As a student athlete with a full time job, I barely have time to sleep, let alone shop… (my favorite recreational activity.) So I recently started shopping on an online social media app that has pretty much everything you can imagine on it. The app is called “Kanga.” It is perfect for someone with a busy schedule who needs to get gifts and/or essentials quickly and easily. So far, I have had the best of luck with this service!

I bought a new phone case, a few various birthday gifts for friends, a yoga matt, and some really cute clothes of course!

One item I purchased was this romper which is a little bit of a different style than what I have typically been wearing. The “off the shoulder” look is really trendy this year, and this romper is exactly that – trendy. I love the color and the shape and how a majority of the time it looks like a dress. To me, this romper would be perfect at like a luau party, or out to dinner after spending the day at the beach!

Another great purchase I made with Kanga Shop: these rockin’ distressed boyfriend jeans.  Now that it’s fall,  I will no doubt get my $15 worth out of these.


If you guys are interested in these products, or anything similar to them, you can check it out on my kanga.shop! Just download the app and go to @siennaskycrews!

Thanks for reading my blog today. I know it wasn’t much! I am have been so busy lately since classes have started and with cross country practice. I would love to know what you all would like to hear about though! Please comment below! The more feedback the better. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kanga Shop

  1. Though I hate the jeans (you could make your own for a lot less $$), I do wish I’d had you in my Creative Writing class when I taught. You are an A+ waiting to happen! Keep it up! 😊

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