Find Your Style this Fall

There are some people that care a lot about owning a certain look and keeping a particular image. I really wish that I could be completely grunge or entirely BOHO or whole heartedly ANY style, but that is just not realistic for me. It’s more fun for me to switch it up sometimes. I have 3 fun and trendy go-to styles this fall that I would really like to share with you guys!

Girly- I have two examples of girly outfits here today. My fashionable friend Ali is wearing a more casual version of the “girly look” in her free people pearl jacket! Here is one very similar. Such a cute, feminine and IN look right now! All of her outfit details can be found in her blog post Collab with Sienna Sky. My outfit on the other hand is a little bit more dressy, but still comfortable. I love wearing dresses, and this floral fav of mine is great for fall! The material is light, but since it has long sleeves, it can still be great for a fall date or any fancier fall-day-occasion. I bought this pretty frock at Single Thread Boutique last summer! So if you are into pink, pearly, or flowery– then your style is very girly. Or if you only like flowers and bling some of the time then you’re half girly and that’s okay too! It’s also okay if you don’t like girly things ever at all, if that’s the case, read on!
Edgy- I bought this dress when I was living in England last semester. There was a store called “Select” that had all kinds of cute and affordable garments… aka: my weakness. (It was right next to the grocery store, so every time I went to get food, the clothes from Select would call my name.) This type of dress is very easy to come by right now though! You can find similar ones from Forever21 here and here.

Trendy- Ali and I had the most fun with these looks. A majority of the pieces of her outfit came from the Graceful Lady Boutique, and again details can be found on her blog! My outfit consisted of more fall things from last year that I really love and feel good about reviving for this season. The dress came from and the shoes that I hope last me for the rest of my life are from Charlotte Russe.

Of course there are many other styles out there that I somewhat neglected in the post. We have BOHO, grunge, sporty, chic and so on. The style that you choose to wear is all about you! Even if your fashion taste changes daily.

Fall is my favorite season, so be prepared for some awesome autumn content! Thanks again for checkin’ it out today. Would love to hear what your style is! Meanwhile, I’ll be dressing for fall in Sienna Sky Style. Comment below.



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