PSA: Today, Friday September 22, is the first day of fall. AKA the start of my favorite season! Yes, it is currently 90 degrees and humid in good ole southern Indiana, but the celebration must go on. I will not let the weather melt away the perfection that is autumn!


Photo creds to my girl Lauren! (Whatta bae.)


As a matter of fact, I have already started my fall festivities. First, had to hit up the pumpkin patch to grab some good old fashion decorations for the season. I usually go to a pumpkin patch my family has, or one of the farms we have in my hometown, Lincoln City. But this year I wanted to go somewhere new! I ended up with one of my best friends at a really nice pumpkin patch at Goebel Farms. (I am really excited to go back there again soon because they offer some wonderful farm fresh apple cider, a corn maze, and hayrides!) Some of the items I purchased while I was there included:

  • mini pumpkinsa small hay bailIMG_8467
  • some beautiful mumsIMG_7862IMG_7860
  • brightly colored Indian cornIMG_7805

While I was at the pumpkin patch, I was sporting a super cute fall outfit that I really wanted to share with you guys. Lately I’ve been spending a ton of time at TJMAXX which is where I bought this new shirt. TJMAXX is the bomb because it has really great, high quality products, but is still very affordable. (I know, just the right combination for a college shopper.) PLUS it had literally everything from beauty products to furniture!  Here is a link to a shirt that had a very similar pattern and color scheme! I couldn’t find the particular one I bought online, sorry!


The skirt is an item I tend to wear, throughout the seasons, it is from forever21. A perfect touch to cute-ify an outfit but not dress it up too much. Since I bought this skirt last year they don’t have it very accessible online, so here is a link to one that same color, and here is a link to one that is a similar style. 🙂


My hat and shoes are also repeatable items from my closet! I bought them both from Tilly’s and have gotten so much use out of them.  Any hat or pair of black booties (or any black shoes you prefer for fall) would be just as awesome! Here is a hat that I loved in case you are interested:

Velvet Bow Boater Hat: $17.90

Just wanted to thank you all again for reading my blog! It’s a little hard to find time to write when I have class and cross country practice and projects and whatnot, but I love doing this. So I will keep it up and hope you are enjoying my posts and maybe finding some inspiration as well! Let me know what you’d like to see more of in my posts! I strive to make my viewers happy. 🙂

Love you all! (Seriously, if you read my blog I will love you forever.)

Until next time, I’ll be FROLICKING into fall in Sienna Sky style!

xoxo ❤


Also I found a kitty to play with which made my trip to the pumpkin patch even more perfect!

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