Reasons to love Fall

Fall. Aka autumn, aka the best time of year. As the temperatures begin to change, as the days get shorter, as the sights and smells announce the season, and the feeling is in the air,  I am filled with excitement! So I am going to write you all of a list of reasons why you should be excited too!

  1. Hayrides
  2. Kiss of fall in the air
  3. Falling, dancing leaves on a cool, crisp breeze
  4. Pumpkins
  5. Halloween
  6. Colorful, changing leaves
  7. Boots and scarves
  8. Cozy sweaters
  9. Corn mazes
  10. Pumpkin patches
  11. Pumpkin flavored foods and drinks
  12. Apple orchards
  13. Football tailgates
  14. Soccer games
  15. Apple cider
  16. Flannels and plaid
  17. Bonfires
  18. PIE
  19. Spooky movies
  20. Jack-o-lanterns

This list is meant to inspire and excite you for what is to come as fall nips the air. And I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of the amazing elements that fall has to offer. I hope you guys agree with me that autumn is such an awesome time of year! Let me know all about your favorite fall features! I would love to hear back from you guys. 🙂

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