Deciding to be Someone Else for a Change

One of the many reasons I love Halloween is because I get to be whomever, or whatever I want for a whole day. I can pretend to be a fairy tale princess, or a roaring 20’s flapper. I can charade as a silent mime or a stealthy ninja! I am so excited to show you all my Halloween Costume ideas!

Halloween makes me think about how people dress up like their favorite characters including presidents and power rangers! I think there is something to be said about the people we want to be like and try to replicate for Halloween. Sometimes we choose characters from our favorite movies or TV shows. For some of us, it takes great planning to decide who we want to portray. For me, I would pick someone I want to be like! Here is an example: One of my favorite TV shows is Chuck. The main female character from the show is Sarah Walker (an undercover CIA Agent hottie). She has all of these awesome qualities that I wish I had, so if I were to be someone else for a day, I would pick to be Sarah Walker. The characteristics that I most love about this fictional spy babe is her confidence and her bad-assness. She is so poised and beautiful one second, and the next she’ll be round house kicking the bad guys in the face. It’s the perfect combo.

The costume would be simple to replicate. She works in a Yogurt Shop called the Orange Orange, so necessities would include an orange tank top and white denim pants…. or could go for the edgy Sarah which would be as simple as a black dress with black heels and maybe a fake hand gun!

So, not only could I dress up to look like her for Halloween, but I could try to be more like her in being poised and tough, depending on the situation.

This week I challenge you to find a character that you admire. Then, say to yourself, “Man, I wish I could be like that.” How can you better yourself in a way that can remind you of this character? AND, maybe even create a costume that looks like that person!

The rest of this month is going to consist of a lot of Halloween content! I hope you’re ready. It’s spooky how excited I am for this month. Just having Halloween in Sienna Sky style.

Stay tuned friends!


One thought on “Deciding to be Someone Else for a Change

  1. My Creative Writing students use to love to write (and sometimes illustrate) Halloween/scary stories. It was such an easy month to prepare for class. We also researched “haunted” places throughout the state and especially in southern Indiana.

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