Easy Halloween Costumes

Hello Friends! Hop aboard the Halloween Train! The brain storming for the perfect Halloween costume has begun. I know as a student (whether it be college or high school), or as someone with a very busy schedule, it can be hard to prepare for Halloween and find the Halloween Costume of your dreams. When the holiday finally rolls around you are left with three options:

1. Don’t go out because you have nothing to wear and you don’t want to look stupid while everyone else is dressed up and having fun.

2. Do go out but don’t dress up because you don’t have anything prepared, and then you look like a party pooper.

3. Listen to my advice and ideas to find some quick and easy Halloween Costume inspiration for an on-the-fly Halloween Night. AKA… DO go out and DO dress up and look cute and DO have fun!!

So first we have, the baseball player. All you really need it a baseball hat and a matching team shirt, or jersey, but if you have the proper props you can always add high socks, maybe some eye black and even carry around a bat, ball, or mitt! Easy, comfortable, and can be a good conversation starter with other sports fans.


I always think the hippie costume is an oldie but a goodie. Of course, tie dye is essential for this costume in my opinion. And easy to come by! Just add some fringe and flowers and you’re pretty much on your way to the 70s. Adding sunglasses and any kind of headband with some kind of sandals finishes the mood, Plus, this costume can really work in any conditions. If it is cold outside, just change into jeans! (bell bottoms if you have some) And throw on a long sleeve shirt under your tie dye tee.



Another simple costume includes fringe again, with a touch of tribal print. Anything that is loose and tribal will be fine for a Native American costume. You could even get pretty creative with the face paint for this costume if you had time, but if not I think just some funky jewelry and some braids would tie it together. As long as you get the idea across, you’re good to go!



The counter to the Indian costume is the Cowgirl costume. Another easy-to-come-by look. All you need is boots (preferably cowboy boots but really any boots will do) and a straw hat! If the hat isn’t in your wardrobe but you own a button up and short shorts, never fear! Just put your hair in braids and the look is still there! Some other things to keep in mind here would be big belt buckles, a toy horse to carry around, and maybe even a bandana.IMG_8348IMG_8351

Really any of these costumes could be done for girls OR guys. And can be customized to your liking! That’s the beauty of Halloween… you can really do whatever you want.

So that’s all for today, but believe me, we are just getting started. Stay tuned for if you’re interested in more Halloween ideas! Comment below if you’re looking for any costume advice. I’ll be happy to help!

Until next time, I’ll be prepping for Halloween in Sienna Sky style.


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