Picking the Perfect Pumpkin from the Pile

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to find the perfect pumpkin. You might search far and wide. And you may not know it yet, but I promise the perfect pumpkin is out there.

This year I found my perfect pumpkin at the third pumpkin patch I visited. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great pumpkins out there, but none of them really spoke to me. When I finally found my pumpkin, I was back in my old stomping grounds. With the intentions of carving it into the perfect ghoulish design, I heard it calling my name and took it to the sales woman. Luckily the lady sold it to me for a dollar off!

This particular place was called Jeff Dike Farms, located just north of Dale, Indiana. There were plenty of high quality pumpkins, but I think I was more impressed by the healthy, beautiful and abundantly colorful mums that were sold there!

The pumpkin search didn’t take long. I knew I wanted a big one to carve, and it just so turned out that this pumpkin place was well-organized which made finding the size I wanted almost automatic. And trust me, I found me a biggin. I seriously had to climb inside a box and really get my body weight under this pumpkin in order to pick it up. It was pretty heavy, so if I had picked it up by the stem, the stem would most likely have broken, ruining the perfect pumpkin.

I have pretty much made it a goal to check out as many local pumpkin patches as I can, then report back to you. So far, I have been super impressed with Goebel Farms, which is just outside of Evansville. There are a lot of options available there, and the people were very friendly! They have some great fall activities going on as well, so I believe I will be returning to their corn maze and taking a hay ride! (I always look forward to hay-riding.)

Thanks again for checking out my blog! Pretty soon you will be seeing my perfect pumpkin turn into a Jack-O-Lantern! Carving pumpkins is a huge highlight to my October. I can’t wait to share more fall festivities with you all!

Until next time, I’ll just be pumpkin pickin’ in Sienna Sky style!




2 thoughts on “Picking the Perfect Pumpkin from the Pile

  1. I always lectured kids at school about not destroying some child’s craved pumpkin at Halloween. It happened to my son when he was 3. Try explaining that to a small child.

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