Apple Orchards are for September

I learned a very valuable lesson this week. I have been slowly working on crossing things off my fall bucket-list. Going to an Apple Orchard was one of them! However, it turns out that the season for “good apple picking” is September. THUS, the apples were mostly rotten. But that is not the valuable lesson I learned. The lesson was that there are still good apples out there. IMG_9034.jpgIMG_8987.jpgIMG_8998.jpgIMG_9003.jpg

The orchard we decided to visit was called Engelbrecht’s Orchard. The only types of apples that they still had available for picking were Granny Smith and Red Delicious. So I guess you could say the pickings were slim. Well, as Barney from How I Met Your Mother would say, “Challenge Accepted!”IMG_8994.jpg IMG_9022.jpgIMG_9019.jpg

We started out with bad luck in our search for edible apples. Those babies were really hiding. IMG_9036.jpgIMG_8988.jpg

We were given an apple picker, but we found that it was worth it to jump for that perfectly shining apple.IMG_9017.jpg


But when we finally found those juicy suckers, victory was sweet.


So I would say that my first trip to an apple orchard was definitely a great experience. The day was beautiful. The excitement we got from finding non-worm eaten apples… priceless. Just pickin’ apples in Sienna Sky style!


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