Easy Halloween Costumes Part 2

The Halloween countdown continues. If you haven’t decided on a costume by now, you may want to. If not, here are some more ideas for you!

  1. Nurse in scrubs: Pretty easy to come by. Scrubs can be found at a local thrift shop, but it is also possible to ask a nurse friend for a pair! If all else fails, purchases can be made on line. 😉 IMG_9126.jpg
  2. ….Other Nurse:  I think it is pretty obvious where I got this one… From a nurse friend of mine. (lol jk! It is a purchase I made online a few years ago.) IMG_9141.jpgIMG_9143.jpg
  3. Minnie Mouse: All that is really necessary for a Minnie Mouse Costume is a pair of ears with a bow and a color scheme to match it! It never hurts to wear a skirt to go with the look, Minnie Mouse is kind of a skirt gal. IMG_9156.jpgIMG_9152.jpg

These are some of the easiest costumes I had laying around. It was all stuff I already had at home! The scrubs came from my mom, the other nurse costume I’ve had for a while but never worn, and the Minnie Mouse stuff was courtesy of Walmart (the ears) and my closet for the rest!

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