Just Some More Last Minute Costume Ideas!

Hello loves! I hope you get the idea by now that I am seriously obsessed with Halloween, particularly the costume part of the deal. I have so so many ideas, and today I have 3 more last minute costume ideas. This time, there may need to be just a little bit more effort put in, but they are totally cute.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
First off, I have been wanting to dress as a mime for Halloween for a long time because it’s very simple and I think mines are awesome, so I really wanted to show you guys this idea! It is super easy to replicate, as long as you have a black and white color scheme, you’re good to go. But I think it worked well to add some red as an accent! This would work even better with a pair of suspenders and some white gloves, especially if you are worried that a black and white shirt and black pants don’t really make the outfit obvious enough. If you are short on supplies because you are at college or away from home where you keep random clutter, then never fear! Be crafty with your makeup and make your face all mimey! Problem solved.

Another great idea: skeleton make-up. One of my best friends gave me this idea, because it kind of ended up being her go-to. There are tons of skeleton tutorials online, and it’s actually a lot easier than it may seem! And really all you need for an outfit is to just go with an all black plan, or sometimes you can come across skeleton onesies and/or a sweatshirt!

I think this was my favorite. All you need as an outfit to be a Scarecrow is a flannel shirt and a hat. (Preferably a straw hat, but really any cap with a bill will do.) The makeup is the most important part of the costume. I just used some orangey lipstick that I already owned and some black eyeliner to make the “stitches.” So easy, friends. And it ended up looking pretty sweet.

Thanks for checking out the blog today guys! Halloween is SO CLOSE and I CAN’T WAIT. I really want to know what you all are going to be for Halloween! Comment below what you plan on dressing as, or ask me if you need some help brain storming!

Love you guys. I am eternally grateful to anyone that reads my blogs. Until next time, I’ll be disguising myself in Sienna Sky style!

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