A Very Catty Halloween

My Halloween celebrations ended with a bit of a theme: Cats. I was very okay with this actually, because I am a cat lover! AND it just so happens that National Cat Day was two days ago on the 29th of October.  I really hope all kitties out there are feline the love. (haha)


So first, I accidentally obtained an adorable, fluffy grey kitty from a random woman in the parking lot of the humane society. That was definitely a highlight to my day. Even though I would have loved to keep her, it was necessary to find her a good home. Thankfully, cat lovers like myself tend to meet other cat lovers in life, and low and behold, a new home was found for this fur ball. (Thanks Stew.)



Pumpkin carving during October is essential for me. And once again I couldn’t resist the kitty scheme.


So on the Saturday of Halloween weekend, my life was crazy. My cross country team traveled 6 hours the night before to Missouri for our conference race, and we still had the 6 plus hour trip back after the race! Since there wasn’t a lot of time to get ready when we got back, it was important for us to keep the Halloween outfit idea as simple as possible. We left Springfield around 2:00 and ended up home by 8:30 then scurried straight to the mall which closed at 9. After sprinting past the mall security, we got there with 10 minutes to spare and successfully made it in and out of Charlotte Russe. It was crazy, BUT. The cat outfits we ended up with were purrrrfect, if I do say so myself.

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