Indoor Core Work

The weather has been pretty chilly as of late, and my cross country season is over, but it is still necessary for me to workout, but at a less intense level. However, due to my injury that has been lingering since early June, I am taking time off of running, which means my exercise primarily occurs indoors.

Most of the time, for an easy workout day, I will do a stationary bike workout for 30-50 minutes. The elliptical is another indoor option and during this two week rest from team practices, getting in the pool is a last resort for me.

Regardless of the cardio, or whether or not I decide to lift, I do some type of core work every day, sometimes in the gym, sometimes when I watch TV, or sometimes it’s just in my room before I go to sleep. I perform each exercise for a minute, usually working out up to 10 different muscle areas.

Mountain Climbers work several parts of the body. The core, the arms, and even the legs and glutes. I do one minute of these and immediately switch to…

Bicycle crunches. This is actually my favorite core exercise. I usually feel this one in my upper abs.

Plank –  one minute of plank is always a great way to engage your core. Plus it strengthens your arms and helps with balance! Side plank is always optional as well.

Sit-ups – Can’t forget the basic sit-up! They say if you do 300 sit ups or a week, there is no way you won’t get a six pack, but I have never tested that theory. I just go for a minute and move on most of the time. Either way, this is a great way to work your abs!

Push-ups – And last but not least, I never neglect push-ups. It’s a goal of mine to be able to get 100 push-ups total. But again, I just stick to doing push-ups for one minute like I do with the rest of these exercises. The goal is to eventually get in the 100 in that minute.

Thanks for checking out my blog today! It’s been another crazy week. I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below if you decided to try out this workout! Much appreciation for you all!



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