Give Your Routine a Makeover!

Sometimes, life gets too repetitive. I enjoy a little bit of a change here and there or now and then. I hate staying in one place.  I refuse to let life get dull on me. And I want you to make your life more interesting! Change something in your everyday routine to experience a bit of excitement. There are so many activities that are great for escaping, and the following are some things that I have done recently to keep a spark alive in the midst of homework and studying and other college duties.

  1. Do something new. Visit your local humane society. Whether you are an animal lover or not, this is a great way to boost your happy levels and reduce stress. Petting a puppy or a kitten is a sure fire way to release the dopamine chemical in your brain, thus making you feel better!IMG_9264.JPGIMG_9281.JPG
  2. Go somewhere new. Visit a place near by you haven’t been yet. I recently went to this juice place that I had never heard of before called Sunshine Juice Co. They have some pretty awesome options there!
  3. Indulge with a new, or favorite snack.  Sometimes it’s necessary to reward yourself, whether it be cookies, ice cream, your favorite coffee, something salty, or a shopping spree. Take a friend or go alone, just savor that moment of happiness.IMG_0045.JPGIMG_0073.JPG
  4. Make a change. One day I decided to spontaneously dye my hair blue because I needed a change. It was super subtle, but it put a little fun in my life. I needed something new. Now, this doesn’t mean I am telling you to go dye your hair or anything, but there are so many ways to just rejuvenate so it doesn’t feel like the same thing happening each and every day! You could redecorate your room! Buy a new candle and make your room smell like an entirely different place. Even the small and inexpensive things can make a difference.IMG_0051.JPGIMG_0055.JPG
  5. Treat yo’self. Go to the spa or have an at home spa day. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I invited a couple friends over and we soaked our feet, painted nails and gave ourselves facials. Ahhhh! Much needed.

I hope this blog inspires you to go out and give yourself a little boost. I know that I like to change things up, so hopefully this advice fuels your spark and you go out and change up your routine. So I’ll just be here changing things up in Sienna Sky style!

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