Fall Decor goes Christmas DIY

6 days to go until Christmas Day! Today I wanted to show you a DIY I did recently.  Just yesterday, I took some of my leftover pumpkins that I used to decorate for fall, and Christmas-ified them. It was fun and super cheap to do so! I already had the pumpkins, so that didn’t cost me anything. Then you just need some spray paint and some ribbon, which combined is about $5 max!

So I went with some gold spray paint, because I like my christmas colors to be red and white and gold, which also matches our decorations at my house. However, it would work perfectly fine if you wanted to go with white, red, silver, or even blue or green depending on your Christmas color scheme! Make sure you put some cardboard underneath your craft so you don’t make a giant mess, and something I discovered after this little DIY is that this is better done a little further away from the house… The spray paint can really stink up an area.

Then, let it dry for 10-15 minutes so that you don’t get paint all over your hands, and so you don’t leave finger prints all over your creation! As you can see, I used little red ribbons, but this could be super cute with some green added to it or whatever color you choose!

The finished product ended up looking super cute, and I put them outside with a little tree we had to just add a personal touch. They could also work well on shelves, or any surfaces you prefer inside! I found this activity to be a great outlet for me. I for one, love to be creative and make things. I hope you guys decide to try this, or maybe something like it. If you do, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Until then, I plan on spreading holiday cheer in Sienna Sky style. xox




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