Christmas Outfits of the Week

Greetings friends! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Only 3 days until Christmas arrives, and though I am excited for Christmas Day, it’s a tad bittersweet for me, because I think the best part of this season is the preparation leading up to December 25! I made it a goal this month to do Christmassy things as often as possible, which included wearing Christmas themed outfits the whole week! Let me show you a few of my essential Christmas pieces.

  1. This first outfit was one that I wore just to do some family decorating. It was a bit chilly out, so wearing a sweater was necessary when putting up the outside lights, (very last minute set up, I know). This sweater is one that I bought two years ago from Forever21. It can be worn casually with jeans as shown in these images, or could be worn with a cute red, green or gold skirt for a nicer Christmas occasion.
  2. This next outfit I wore to Louisville to go out to eat with my grandmother, my mom, and her godmother. I wanted to look nice because it is always a special trip to go see my mom’s godmother. So I just wore a nice festive cropped red sweater over a black dress and paired it with some tights and my current favorite black booties! This sweater is also courtesy of Forever21. It’s super warm and comfy!
  3. It always seems that the decorating for the holiday never ends! On this day I did some last minute shopping with my dad, and did some tree decorating (my favorite thing to decorate for sure). I just wore a casual sweater, again, no surprise, purchased at Forever21. My black jeans are the best black jeans ever – from Express; my scarf I bought from a vendor in London; and my shoes (or as my dad called them, my “Dorothy Slippers”) I found at Charlotte Russe, and I wear them quite often!
  4. I can thank my grandmother for the contribution of this sweater. (If you are searching for a festive sweater, I highly recommend raiding granny’s closet, if you haven’t already.) I kinda made it my own when I went Christmas shopping for some last minute items. It was perfect for the weather! Warm and comfy. πŸ™‚
  5. Once again, borrowed this lovely (yet corny) sweatshirt from my dear sweet grandma. #Blessed to have this woman in my life. This is perfect for a day around the house of Christmas movie watching, decorating, making cookies, or whatever your December heart desires.
  6. Finally is my Christmas sweater purchase this year, meant for Christmas parties or any function. This glam green one I got at Macy’s! I bought it 50% off, so hurry and get online here if you are interested! I wore mine to run some errands (which included sitting down with a hot cocoa to write this blog!)

Thanks for checking in with me today! It’s been a while since my last Fashion Friday post, so I hope you all enjoy this one! πŸ™‚ Leave some comments below for some content you would like to see! I think when Christmas is over I am going to do a Christmas gift haul! What did you ask for from Santa? Let me know! ❀

I’ll be dressed in Christmas outfits because that’s my Sienna Sky style.

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