What to Pack When Studying Abroad

Around this time last year I had all my suitcases in the middle of my bedroom floor, slowly being filled to prepare for my adventure across the pond. Packing was one heck of an anxiety causer. I kept thinking “What if I forget something? What if this weighs too much? What if I am taking the wrong things???” Along with various other questions that I pondered to myself during the process. In retrospect, I think I was prepared enough, and did reasonably well with the task of not going over the top… But here are the things I learned from my packing experience:

  1.  It is definitely important to roll things rather than fold them, for space purposes. But I did see other people who put their things in air tight bags and they could fit SO much more in their suitcases. It was pretty amazing actually, but not entirely necessary.
  2. Definitely bring warm and versatile items that you can layer. I found that the articles of clothing that I wore the most were my plain long sleeved black shirt and my plain long sleeved gray shirt! They were just simple, but they could be dressed up or dressed down, and could pretty much go with anything. I packed several cardigans and jackets that I could mix and match with, but that is where one of my problems was…
  3. Bring things you LIKE to wear! I was so set on bringing the most practical clothes I could think of, and I didn’t bring some of my favorite things, which I really regretted. SO. Make sure you bring cute and comfortable clothes that you like!
  4. Comfort is very important because (if you are going to Harlaxton) you will spend most of your time in the manor, thus, you will want your best sweats and your go-to t-shirt.
  5. It is not necessary to bring more than 3 pairs of shoes. I made that mistake, and it proved to be… a heavy one. All you need is some good ones to walk/hike in, some boots that can be dressed up or dressed down, and a pair or nice shoes for special nights that you need to look good for. Shoes will weigh you down, friends. Bring the bare minimum. It’s only a few months.
  6. Some things you will definitely want: an adapter for the UK/EU, a journal (highly highly recommend!), your own lotion/body spray if you have room, and make sure you get an umbrella at some point. Definitely some snacks for your carry on. It’s a LONG trip.

Everyone has their own packing preferences, but I just thought I could be a resource to get some of you started with your approach.

If you have any question, comment below and I will help in any way I can! Stay tuned for more study abroad tips to come! 🙂

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