10 Ways I Found Happiness in 2017

When reflecting on my year, I noticed that it started out AMAZINGLY and ended.. ehh sub-par. But, I also realized that when the going got tough, I found ways to get out of the slumps! Keep reading to see the things I did to keep my positivity high!


Views from Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Traveling- This one is a given. The whole first four months of my year consisted of studying abroad and visiting 10 different countries! Traveling just made my life feel so independent and interesting, which made me immensely happy.


    Was able to visit the Cliffs of Moher! (Number 563 on the list)

  2. Crossing things off my bucket list- Another aspect that went along with traveling was the opportunity to cross items off my bucket list! I always feel a special sense of accomplishment when I attain some of my life goals.IMG_6466.JPG
  3. Exercise- Working out is like a healing activity for me. I notice that not only does it brighten my mood, but it boosts my energy for the day!
  4. Meeting new people- Once again, thanks to my study abroad experience, I made some amazing new friends. Having awesome people around is a great way to keep spirits high and to find inspiration!IMG_4468.JPG
  5. Tried new things- In Europe, I tried many new foods (macaroons) and a lot of new experiences like new modes of travel (trains, planes) and staying in hostels, Air BnBs and in a manor! When I came home from England, I wanted to make sure to continue making my life as interesting as possible. I got to go to some new places that were close to home like when I dyed the ends of my hair temporarily blue, and I when practiced new hobbies like photography and scrapbooking!
  6. Took opportunities- This year I was a yes-person. It was something that I had as a goal for the year, and it really helped me feel more adventurous! When there was an opportunity in front of me, I took it.
  7. Reflected- I am a huge journal person. I have been writing one for about 10 years. I find that reflecting on my day improves the days that follow. If I sit down and write about how I felt on a good or bad day, I can make changes in my life that will make me happier!
  8. Read “You Are a Badass”- This book is seriously a savior. Reading it really helped me worry less and organize my priorities. It kept me inspired. (Highly recommend.) IMG_7855.JPGIMG_7871.JPG
  9. Meditation and Yoga- I have been meditating way more than ever before, and I find that it helps me fall asleep faster, and it gets me in the zone in order to hone in on my deeper thoughts. Yoga has a similar effect, but what I love most about it is the relaxation that washes over me during the activity.
  10. My Blog- 2017 was the year that I worked the most on my blog. Not only have I wanted to be successful with my writing in order to inspire others, but I really love to write about the topics that I care about. It goes along with reflecting about my day, my experiences and my interests! Starting this blog has been one of my favorite achievements of all time. It holds me accountable and it makes me very happy to be able. 🙂

There is a saying that goes, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”   I am going to continue to use that motto through 2018, just as I did during 2017.

Thanks for reading and for helping me find happiness. Having others read my blog and tell me that they followed my advice means SO much to me. I love knowing I could help. Until next time, I will be in the constant pursuit of happy in Sienna Sky style.


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