Travel Rank: Beauty

When I was traveling at the beginning of last year, I was lucky enough to visit 11 different countries. I am immensely grateful for that experience, and each place I visited provided something special. Today, though, I am here to rank the trips I took based on how beautiful they were! This has nothing to do with the cost or the overall experience I had there. *Keep in mind that this is just my opinion!

IMG_2686.jpgIMG_2596.jpgIMG_2852.jpg11. Dublin, Ireland: (above) One of the best things about the trip I took to Ireland was the fact that it was a very short flight which allowed for more time to be spent there! Dublin was the main destination and where we stayed, but we also took a paddy-wagon to see other parts of the country! To me, Dublin just looked like any other city, but outside the city, we enjoyed some cool sites. I honestly LOVED seeing the countryside of Ireland with sheep everywhere and beautiful stone fences! The houses were very quaint and exactly how I pictured Ireland in my head. We also visited the Cliffs of Moher, which was pretty surreal. It was actually a very dangerous, yet beautiful area. (Dangerous because people frequently fall off the cliffs and if that happens, , , there is pretty much no chance of survival.) When I was there, the weather wasn’t great. It was foggy and cold with a pending storm, which made it a bit gloomy. See more about my trip to Ireland in in this blog post!

IMG_1059.jpgIMG_1156.jpgIMG_1228.jpg10. Edinburgh, Scotland: I was so psyched to go to Scotland! I had never heard of Edinburgh before I was in the UK, but my friends and I figured it would be worth a visit. I think I hyped it up too much in my head, which made me slightly disappointed when I was actually there. This would probably be a higher number if the weather had been better. We went hiking on Arthur’s Seat, and looked over some the city from Edinburgh Castle’s hill, but everything was very dreary and foggy in January. Rain and mud and lessened the quality of the visit for me. But there are some amazingly beautiful buildings in this city. And it’s the birth place of the Harry Potter books, which is definitely worth something! It just so happened that by the time we were done exploring the first day, there really wasn’t anything left to do on the second day. More on Scotland, here! 

9. Siena, Italy: I enjoyed so many things about Siena, but I didn’t have very long to stay there, so the most I got to see of it was the city’s center, full of tall buildings, and narrow streets, and lots of churches. I hear Tuscany is gorgeous, but the part that I got to see wasn’t all that pretty. However, it was definitely interesting! It was fun to explore because it was like wandering through a maze where everything looks the same! There would be moments where we would step out of an alley and find a beautiful view from above the rest of the city. There was also the Palio there where they race horses, something I thought to be very unique.

IMG_2284.jpgIMG_2452.jpg8. Venice, Italy: I visited Venice right after visiting Siena. This was another city that I think would have ranked higher, had it not been for the weather. It was very cold and overcast, but I will say that there were some awe-inspiring moments! There were so many unique bridges, colorful houses, and beautiful masks! Plenty of amazing historical attractions. I just wish I could have been there at a time where it was warmer and sunnier.

IMG_0515.jpgIMG_0519.jpgIMG_0733.jpgIMG_42647. London, England: Seriously London was an awesome city. SUPER overwhelming, but definitely quite a sitely city. London has a TON of history and sooo many beautiful buildings to see! In fact, just walking around the city and going to the different museums, and even people watching, are some of the free things I had mentioned before. One of the coolest views is from the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral where you can overlook the whole city, and can notice the changes London has gone through. When you view it from the front versus the back of the outlook, it’s almost as if you are observing two different cities.

6. Paris, France: Paris was one of those places where I just found myself randomly getting giddy just at the fact that I was there like. . . “is this real?” I think I repeated out loud several times, “Holy Crap I am in Paris. That is the Eiffel Tower.” Simply because I was in utter disbelief and amazement. Though I was super excited about Paris, and loved it dearly, and was able to experience it on a rarely sunny day in March, Paris had it’s unattractive spots. There are some major ghetto areas Plus, there are people on the streets at all times trying to sell you things, which kinda makes it a bit of a turn off at times. There was also some construction going on during my visit, which I think made it a little less appealing, but I mean, Paris is Paris. It’s freaking amazing, regardless. Check it out here to see more!

IMG_4499.jpgIMG_4539.jpgIMG_4646.jpg5. Lisbon, Portugal: Anything coastal is a good idea when seeking beauty. The views from Portugal were totally gorgeous. There were some outstanding outlooks, and some of the houses are decorated fully in tile. There was plenty to do! A downfall could be that there are so many interesting things but sites are very spread out which makes for lots of time on the road and paying for Ubers or cabs.. But honestly, I am 100% content hanging out on the beach! The Belem area has a lot of history, plus some lovely sites that included the Tower of Belem, and the Monastery. The beach at Cascais was a little further away, but it was a very nice beach with open caves in the cliffs. In general, Portugal was a very scenic country! Want to learn more? Check out my individual post about it here! 

4. Budapest, Hungary: Budapest was my last trip that I took while abroad, at the beginning of April. Luckily, the weather was great which added to the appeal, but even if it were cold there, it still would have been beautiful! There is a walk up to the Buda Palace and the Fisherman Bastion which allows for a view of the whole city below. The grand looking buildings light up at night and reflect off the Danube River which lies in the middle of the city. There are huge, beautifully built, bridges all across the Danube! So much amazing architecture to be seen there. More photos and info found here!

IMG_3139.jpgIMG_3140.jpgIMG_3217.jpgIMG_3364.jpg3. Mallorca, Spain: My first European beach, which automatically makes me happy. What an awesome place. The coolest thing ever, that I highly recommend doing, is to rent a bike and ride around the coast. We saw some beautiful buildings and ended up stumbling upon an amazing street festival. There were some really fascinating things to see, but the biggest problem we ran into was that we were there during the off season, so most of the excursions were not in operation. Much more to see about Mallorca if you click here!

IMG_1589.jpgIMG_1638.jpgIMG_1761.jpgIMG_1817.jpgIMG_1832.jpgIMG_1898.jpg2. Switzerland: Holy. Crap. Switzerland. I couldn’t find the words when I was there, and I can hardly find the words now. That’s just it. The place is breath taking. Can you picture yourself in the Swiss Alps? Everywhere you stand there are gorgeous views of snow topped mountains. My jaw was pretty much stuck in a dropped position. See and read more about this stunning country in this link!

IMG_3416.jpgIMG_3478.jpgIMG_3633.jpgIMG_3683.jpgIMG_3830.jpgIMG_4047.jpg1. Malta: There is a good chance that many of you haven’t heard of Malta. Before I went to Europe I hadn’t heard of it, but now I am so surprised by how little known it is! It’s was an awesome, amazing, beautiful, island nation. There were some amazing scenic cliffs, beautiful rock formations, and dazzling blue water (plus there were cats all over the place, which is a bonus for me.) It was warm and everything was pretty affordable. And there were cats everywhere! Seriously, it was an AMAZING place. See more here.

Thanks for clicking in today 🙂 This is just me remembering the beauty of Europe in Sienna Sky style and hoping you find beauty around every corner!

(P.S. Near the end of my travels I lost camera space, so some photos are lower quality.  My apologies.)

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