Let’s Get Cozy!

Well friends, if you are avid Sienna Sky Style readers, you may have noticed
that I haven’t been posting as frequently. It just so turns out that I have mononucleosis, which has caused me to be half dead most of the time. Having no energy has made it hard to keep up with classes, and extra curricular activities, much less my blog! However, there is a silver lining. I have found some inspiration that is the epitome of  how I have been living lately: in a cozy fashion. When you’re sick, and tired, and the weather is dreary and cold, it is necessary to cuddle up and get some rest!

Here are my necessities in doing so:

  1. Warm socks and/or slippers– Maybe the worst thing ever is walking on hard wood floors when they are cold. Fuzzy socks are always a great way to keep your toes nice and toasty in situations like that! I am more of a slipper girl myself, but still have an endless supply of cozy socks. LOVE them. (These ones were only $7 from Walmart!)
  2. Fuzzy blankets– When my dad was Christmas shopping for my mom this year, I told him, that as a girl, I can never get enough fuzzy blankets. Like. if all I got for Christmas was 10 fuzzy blankets and nothing else, I’d still be perfectly giddy. I like to have as much stuff in my bed with me as possible so when I change positions, I can always find something to grab onto and cuddle with!
  3. Lots of soft pillows– Again, love having tons of soft stuff in my bed. I like to consider my bed a personal nest. I just collect pillows and blankets and stuffed animals then curl up for a long winter’s nap.
  4. A furry friend (that just so happens to be a heating pad as well)- I got this little lamb for a Christmas gift from my cousin, and I absolutely love it. She just so happens to be a great cuddle companion, AND a heat pad. Just stick her in the microwave and heat away your aches! (Great for athletes and moms.)
  5. Warm scented candles– I think this one is a given. Candles are an aromatic  necessity year round, but especially on a chilly day, they set the perfect cozy vibe.
  6. A journal or a book– I have to have some type of entertainment at all times. I have kept a journal for 11 years, and I love to read. So on a stay-in-bed type of day, you’ll definitely find me with a book of some sort in hand.
  7. Movies/ Netflix– If I am having a cozy winter day shared with company, of course movies are the go-to! I recently had a Harry Potter marathon with some of my teammates because of the snow and rain we were having. It was a major 3-day event.
  8. Jammies! I am pretty much obsessed with pajamas. I love spending all day in a cute sleep dress or my favorite sleep romper, with a robe or a sweatshirt for good measure. Of course slippers are always a good idea! Just sitting here and typing about it makes me ready to hop in my PJs and nestle into a cozy spot for the rest of the winter. ❤

This is how I stay snuggly in Sienna Sky style. What makes you feel comfy? 🙂


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