Vici Collection

During winter break, my friend and I won a free gift cards in an Instagram giveaway to a clothing store called Vici. (10/10 recommend trying those out. They work!) I haven’t spent my whole gift card yet, but I am here to show you the purchases I have made so far as my contribution to fashion friday! (I know, it’s been a while.)  BUT. Without further adieu, here are the outfits that I put together with my items from  🙂

Black lace bodysuit: This first one is an outfit that I thought would just work really well for a date night type thing. I paired it with my favorite pair of high-waisted skinny jeans from Primark and some really cute shoes from Shop Priceless! I think any type of nude or black jacket or blazer would also look great with this outfit, and it is perfect for this time of year because it seems like you never know what the weather is going to do… Likes to keep us on our toes 😉

Navy Blue Sweater Cardi AND Slip-Ons: So this next outfit is just a chill, comfortable outfit that can be worn for any occasion (I wore it to class) but would be perfect for the movies or just out to get some food with a friend. Whatever your heart desires really! The sweater is super super soft and warm, so on the days that the weather isn’t surprising us with 57 degree humidity in February, this is a great option. The slide on sandals really reminded me of Birkenstocks, which I had been wanting, but these were WAY cheaper so I opted of these ones instead of the real deal. But all is well because I really like them! They are attractive, comfortable, and easy to just put on and run out the door! I just wore these two pieces with some light jeans that I bought at charlotte russe, and this plain shirt from Tillys!

Vici Jeans: Okay, these jeans area a slight disappointment ONLY because they are a little too big for me 😦 So for anyone that typically wears size zero jeans, I wouldn’t reccommend buying pants from this site. But they are super cute! It might work out better if I were to wear a belt, but when I wore this outfit (again, I just wore it to class) I was tugging on my pants all day, which is just kinda annoying to deal with. But this shirt that I am wearing is from Shop Priceless and my sweater, aka one of the best purchases ever, was from Forever21!

If you like posts like this one please let me know and I will be sure to keep them coming! Go ahead and follow my Instagram if you don’t already 🙂 Thanks for keeping up with me and my Sienna Sky style!

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