Support Your Local Artists!

**Disclaimer: All the photos in this blog were taken by the artist of pieces that are for sale! Anyone who contacts her and wants to purchase a piece can get 10% off with the code sienna10!

Recently, I stumbled upon a fellow student athlete that loves art, just like me! This softball player, Toni Galas, recently had some extra time on her hands after getting a concussion, which afforded her freedom to draw! She posted some of her stuff on Instagram which caught my attention, and instantly I fell in love with her work. I want to show off what she has to offer to you guys, because I think you’ll all be very impressed! Below will be each drawing and painting, and under each series of works are some words from the artist to describe her inspiration in the making of her art.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Colored Pencil Girls: 

“Whenever I sit down to draw, girls come to my mind. At first I wasn’t really sure why, but I realized that girls are freaking powerful, even when their faces aren’t showing, and they’re in their most vulnerable state of being naked, girls rock the world. So I was inspired by this and decided to draw my girls, usually in colors, but also in black and white. this is my favorite thing to do because it takes my mind completely away and the colors and poses of the girls just flow.”


“So when I paint, I like to look at realistic things and make them look somewhat unreal. I have a variety of cacti that I just do in random popping colors, and they’re so cute! Then I’ll do some fruits and veggies and make them look real, but still have an edgy technique to make them different and mine.”

Tattoo Designs:

“The first tattoo I drew was actually for myself, and it was super simple. I drew the phases of the moon which were just circles and half circles but once it was actually on my body I was like ‘wow I did this…’ so I drew another one (a family flower instead of tree) that me and my mom both ended up getting. It got some attention from my friends which was when I decided I might as well draw tattoos for people! Just creating something that someone loves so much to place on their body forever gives me such a feeling of modesty and happiness, it’s the best.”

So last but not least, we have this awesome avocado drawing, done in colored pencil. I purchased this baby with my own poor bank account because 1. uhhh its cute AF and 2. I SUPPORT MY FELLOW ARTISTS. Also it sorta reminds me of like a “yin and yang” vibe if you turn it a certain way which I thought was cool too. So I bought it and she framed it for me, brought it right to me, and it is now hanging above my beside table. 🙂

If you have any interesting in purchasing these quirky creations contact Toni! Her art page on Instagram, @tooonnnniiiisart is the best place to go for inquiries! If you are not an Instagramer, then you can reach her by email at Support your local artists friends! (Especially the student athlete kind because we have no other income source.)

Thanks for reading my blog friends! I appreciate every single view. Hopefully you liked the art featured today!

Tune in next time to Sienna Sky Style! xoxo

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