Spring Bucketlist

Happy April babes! There’s still some chill in the air and the weather app still shows us a threat of snow, but there are more and more signs that spring is really here! We have flowers growing in fields and on trees, birds chirping out our windows, and if the endless rain isn’t an indication of the notoriously soggy season, then I don’t know what is! Before we know it the days are going to get more sunny and there will be green all around. I can’t wait to get into full blown spring mode, but in the mean time, there is fun to be had! Today, I share with you my spring bucket list and hopefully this inspires you to execute some spring activities!

Spring 2018 Bucketlist:

  1. Dye Easter Eggs
  2. Go flower picking
  3. Visit a cat cafe
  4. Do some spring cleaning
  5. Go for a hike
  6. Splash around in puddles
  7. Plant some flowers
  8. Take your dog for a walk
  9. Fly a kite
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Go fishing
  12. Go to a farmers market
  13. Go on a bike ride
  14. Go to the zoo!
  15. Do some spring crafts
  16. Blow bubbles
  17. Watch a bunch of baseball games!
  18. Do some sidewalk art
  19. Pick berries
  20. Go to the park and feed some ducks
  21. Visit a local play ground (you’re never too old to have fun on a swing set)
  22. Go catch spring peepers– this one may seem odd, but I love to go out with my dad and find frogs during this time of year!
  23. Go to Rural King and check out all the baby chicks 🙂

I always get excited when I make lists like these. It makes me realize the possibilities of enjoying the spring time and how easy it really is to get the most of a situation! So I hope reading lists like this one can help you, reader, to be inspired this spring and go out and enjoy the weather, rain or shine!

I hope you all decide to do some of these activities within the remainder of the season! If you do please tag me in any pictures so I can see! Also comment below if you have anymore spring-time activities to add to my list!

Thanks so much for reading today! Until next time, I’ll just be checking things off my spring-to-do in Sienna Sky style.

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