Bright Ideas for a Rainy Day

In a prior post I wrote some Spring Bucket List inspiration, and I realized that a lot of those things deal with being outside and relying on good weather. Seeing as we have not yet made it to a point of steady sunny skies, I thought I would also post a list that includes ideas on how to have a fun, no-spend rainy day! This means get out of bed, put down the homework for a little bit, and do something fun whether you are alone, with your friends or with your significant other. But guess what? You get to stay in and stay dry to do it 🙂

No Spend Rainy Days: 

  1. Have a movie marathon
  2. Paint Nails
  3. Build a Fort.
  4. Color in a coloring book.
  5. Grab a book and chill with some pillows and blankets, by the window while it rains.
  6. Refresh Your Room! (Spring cleaning, am I right?)
  7. Have a game night. This involves snacks, friends.
  8. Blow some bubbles in doors– why not?
  9. Do some writing! (Journaling, creative writing, maybe a letter to a loved one?)
  10. Finish up a project you were working on–Scrap-booking, painting the laundry. room, who knows. Just do something and have fun with it.
  11. Give your grandma a call, I’m sure she misses you.
  12. Play hide and seek! This game never gets old, if you ask me.
  13. Blair music and have a full on dance party!!!
  14. Do a fun craft 🙂 Get your old magazines out and some scissors and just go ham.
  15. Bake some goodies or cook a meal! Share with friends!

So far we have had a few days of open skies and a little more warmth than usual, but we still have the rest of the month known for it’s “April Showers.”

However, I am perfectly content either way! Until next time, I will just be enjoying spring, rain or shine, in Sienna Sky style!

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