Evansville Adventures

Hidden treasures are the best treasures. And sometimes those treasure are five minutes down the road, and when they are, you’ve basically hit the jackpot. Take Evansville for example, not too long ago a new 21+ arcade opened up, called High Score Saloon. (I like to call it a “barcade” which may or may not already be a word, but I like to think I made it up.)

So what is this “High Score Saloon” you may ask. Seriously it’s probably the coolest arcade I have ever seen. I highly, h-i-g-h-l-y, recommend checking this place out. It’s an extremely affordable good night of fun. There is no cover charge to get in, there are tons of old school stand up arcade games that are seriously FREE of charge. However, be sure you still bring your quarters to play pin ball. Super fun.

The food is a little bit on the snacky side, which totally matches the vibe. (Soft pretzels, hot dogs, little pizzas, chips…) And the most expensive item on the food menu is $3. No joke.

Like I said, very inexpensive!

As far as drinks go, I can’t exactly tell you how the beer tastes, but I can tell you that they had several craft brews! (I don’t know much about beer, I am just relaying what I observed.)

Probably the most important thing to know about this place is that there is very minimal signage, and it is literally underground, so it was hard to spot from the street! Helpful info: it’s across the street from Jimmy Johns, and if you can’t find it the people at the sub shop will help you.

Click the link here to visit their website!

Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by this place, I just wanted to share it with you guys because I found it to be a really fun experience!

I hope some of you decide to go check this place out! I had such a great time there! If you do, let me know how you liked it!

Goin’ underground in Sienna Sky style!


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