De-Stress Yoga Edition

Hey guys! So real quick, I was meaning to post this yesterday for “Workout Wednesday,” but somehow time got away from me and I didn’t get around to it! So here it is now, hopefully reaching those who are interested in de-stressing through the magics of yoga.

Stress is a major factor in the lives of many. With the technology we have that allows us to constantly connect, it often feels like there is no break from reality. Coming from a busy college student and track runner, I know it can get overwhelming at times. I have done many blog posts about stress and keeping it under control, and I especially find that yoga and meditation are huge relievers for me.

This past week, especially with finals coming to a close and having to prepare for our last track meet, the anxiety seems to constantly hover. That is where yoga comes in. Putting on a calming playlist and focusing on the correct poses help put my mind at ease and give my body more core work and stretching which I find beneficial for my fitness! I have even started doing some yoga poses that challenge me! Below, you will see the order of my current yoga routine:IMG_1229.JPGIMG_1236.JPGIMG_1233.JPGIMG_1256.JPGIMG_1258.JPG



I strongly believe that deep breathing and clearing my head helps me immensely, so to you guys, I recommend finding something that helps clear your thoughts! You don’t have to do yoga, you don’t have to meditate. In fact, simply coloring or gardening or petting your dog can be a form of meditation to help you relax and release those bad energies.

Until next time, I’ll be relaxing with yoga in Sienna Sky style!



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