What We Wore to Hangout Music Fest

Hangout Music Fest takes place in Gulf Shore, Alabama. Aka, the BEACH! What more could anyone want? Live music everywhere with the sand beneath your feet and the ocean just a few feet away. It was an awesome weekend, friends. And being the fashion lover that I am, I wanted to share with you what I wore while enjoying my time at Hangout!

You will notice three basic themes here:

  1. Swim suits
  2. Glitter
  3. Fanny Pack


First things first: Bathing suits are the number one necessity to any and all Hangout outfits. Why, you might ask? Dude, it’s on the beach! You might want to go soak in the ocean for a bit or you might decide to lay out in the sun while you wait for your favorite band to play. And you’ll notice pretty quickly that those who are not wearing swimsuits there look slightly out of place.


Glitter. I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t want to throw glitter all over their body, but hey, that’s just the kind of person I am! However, most music festivals are going to have glitter galore. In fact, by the time the day was over, my friends and I would discover body glitter that didn’t even belong to us! We lucked out at Hangout because we found a table that had free glitter for everyone, but most of the time I recommend coming prepared! Pretty much, the glitter will just stick to your body because you’re sweaty and you’re wearing sunscreen, but Buckle’s station had nicely scented body spray that acted as adhesive to help keep us sparkly all day. (Also glitter helps block the sun. Not joking at all.)



Now for the fanny pack explanation. The rule this year at Hangout was no draw string bags allowed and if anyone were to wear a back pack it had to be see through. But fanny packs are always welcome! I recommend fanny packs over for several reasons:

  • Easier access for yourself than a backpack or a purse
  • Harder access for strange creepy people that steal things from others
  • Small but has 2 pockets
  • Doesn’t make your back sweaty or give you weird tan lines!
  • Hands free
  • Don’t have to worry about losing it


Other things to note that would come in handy for any music festival:

Sunscreen and sunblock lip balm. No explanation needed.

Peep lil B’s sunglasses, handkerchief, and water bottle. All of these are also important! Remember: you are outdoors people. When you go to the beach, or anywhere sunny you will want sunglasses! Squinting all day will give you a headache, wrinkles and make your day less fun.

The handkerchief comes in handy in cases where you want to wipe off sweat, tie it in your hair, or dry your face off if someone throws a beer can at you (which happened to Bekah.) BUT. The handkerchief left a huge tan line on her chest which set her up for a nasty sunburn the next day. Could just stick it your hip pocket or around your wrist!

And of course– you want to stay hydrated when you’re going to be out and about for 10 hours or more! Having a water bottle with you will save you money and will also reduce waste 🙂 10/10 recommend this decision.

Each music festival is special in it’s own way, so your outfits will vary depending where you go! One thing that makes Hangout special is that it takes place on the beach. Coachella is going to be more of a boho vibe, and Warped Tour, my next stop, is a tad on the punk side!

Thanks for checking out my blog friends! I know it’s been a while but this summer is going to be jam packed with adventure! So stay cute and stay tuned because I’m going to be throwing more glitter in Sienna Sky style 🙂

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