Native Hawaiian Flora

Maui is known as “the garden island” and I am quickly learning why! There are so many beautiful plants blooming here. It’s hard not to go picking all the pretty flowers that I see! Instead, I photograph them. This blog will primarily be photos of the plants and flowers I am discovering during my stay 🙂  *disclaimer– these photos have not been edited. I wanted to show you the true natural beauty*

Baby Pineapple: Just FYI– pineapples are the international symbol for welcome, so most of the homes here have little hints of pineapples in the decorating.IMG_1748 White Gardenia: Super fragrant flower! It usually is symbolic for love and purity, so is often seen in weddings 🙂 IMG_1771

White Orchids: Elegance and beauty. These are nice in the art of lei making! IMG_1749

Pink Allamanda: IMG_1764

Papaya Tree: Papayas are a symbol for inner peace!IMG_1776

Purple Orchids: A good house flower to represent feminity 🙂 #girlpowerIMG_1811

Banana Tree: Pretty a-peeling, eh? IMG_1815

Yellow Allamanda: IMG_1830

Red Ginger Plant: This is actually native to Maylasia, but it’s super pretty.

Pink Hibiscus: Hawaiian state flower!! IMG_1809IMG_1867IMG_1836IMG_1820IMG_1851IMG_1844IMG_1840

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