The Road To Hana

When I was getting ready to go to Hawaii, I did a lot of research about what to do and where to go on the island. Each result eventually talked about the road to Hana, a beautiful and scenic mountain trip, ending at a small town destination (Hana). SO naturally this was part of my Hawaiian bucket list, which I fulfilled a few days into my trip!

Below are some views from the homes that we were showing along the way 🙂 IMG_0665IMG_0639

So here’s the low down– the road to Hana takes about 2 hours one way and is not for the weak stomached. If you are driving, you should be fine, but we had a passenger get sick during our trip! The roads are very narrow and winding, and there are cars going both days. There are people walking on the side of the road as well, looking at the views, so really be careful if you decide to go! Plus there is absolutely no service during this journey, so in the case of an emergency, one might be, as they say, SOL. (Shucks Out of Luck.)
The types of attractions you can find on this trip would mainly be hidden hiking spots, places to stop and look out at the views, and waterfalls. To stop and look at the waterfalls is really hard to do because of the road conditions, so someone wanting to take some nice waterfall photos should choose carefully. There are some that are way better than others.


Another thing to keep in mind– during this trip you will straight up be traveling through a tropical rainforest. There are tropical plants and animals located in these parts, (as well as tons of mosquitos) and it will randomly rain throughout the day.

Once in Hana the cell service will improve, but not by a lot. There is a nice little beach called Hana Bay. And there are several little farmers markets and a couple restaurants available as well! IMG_2019

The road to Hana was 100% a learning experience, and even though it made me a tad queazy, it’s somewhere that I would love to visit again, especially now that I know what it has to offer!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Hawaii has been amazing so far. Until next time, I’ll continue exploring Maui in Sienna Sky style.

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