Summer Wedding Attire

Summer is a popular wedding season. It seems that there are weddings every weekend! Sometimes for friends, sometimes for family, and sometimes you’re just a plus one. With so many weddings to attend, one might need some outfit advice! So that is what I am sharing with you today.

First, it’s never a bad idea to wear an outfit with a pattern. Something that is fully solid in color could accidentally resemble the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Second, for a summer wedding, it is appropriate to wear florals. Flowers are a part of every wedding. Plus, once again,  a floral pattern is unlikely to match the bridesmaids! (Featuring my beautiful mom and grandmother.)

Next, lace can be a more an elegant choice for a wedding. You might recognize these dresses from a prior blog shared last summer!

Finally, you can never go wrong with basic colors like black and nude. Add a highlight or accent color to your outfit, and voila! Simple, pretty, and wedding ready.

Thanks for reading today! If you need any wedding outfit ideas, let me know. Until next time, I’ll be married to my love of fashion in Sienna Sky style. 😉

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