Fab Fit Fun Item Review

I don’t know about you, but I have always been curious about what these well-commercialized boxed gifts called Fab Fit Fun. The decorated cardboard boxes contain items that are a bit of a mystery, which enhances the appeal. Each time these babies arrive, it feels like Christmas morning!  It’s a surprise in every box!! I’ve actually gotten a lot of questions about the products that are inside, so here is a review of some items I have been using most!

Spikey Roller: Definitely an item under the “fit” category. I find this to be perfect because, as a runner, I roll myself out quite often! Plus it’s really cute! Beauty Blender: Instead of a sponge beauty blender, they sent a silicone one! It’s really better for your skin because you can wipe all of the makeup off of it when you’re done with it and it harbors fewer bacteria than a sponge! The bad part is, that I don’t think it blends as well as a sponge does. So there could be more makeup on your face than you intended. Still “fun”!Ish Lip Palette: This might sound silly, but my favorite thing about this is that it comes with a brush so when I paint it onto my lips it makes me feel like Mulan when she is getting ready to go to the match maker. Plus the palette has some really beautiful colors! 🙂 I guess this one is mostly “fun”.Whish Dew Mask: I love facial masks and this one is great because it makes your face feel freaking awesome. “Dewy,” really. In fact, I “whish” my face felt this good all the time! It came in the winter box because that’s a critical time when moisture is needed in our faces, but don’t forget that moisture is important in the summer as well! Especially if you’re getting a lot of sun. “Fab”!KORRES Guava Body Butter: SMELLS SO GOOD. It’s a little different from lotions because it’s body butter. So it’s a little thicker.  But what I love most is that it’s environmentally friendly because natural products go into making it “fab”:)  Coola Facial Sunscreen: My MOST used item from my summer box, no doubt. Being outdoors all the time means I need to protect my face. This is the best facial sunscreen I have ever used, and it’s organic! “Fab”, for sure!I love doing Fab Fit Fun in Sienna Sky style! More updates soon! xox

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