What to Expect at Warped

Warped Tour is a music festival that has been traveling the whole country for over two decades. It’s known for its rock music (pop rock, punk rock, metal rock, etc.) Many of the bands are in the “alternative” category. The thing is, that this was the last year for a full country tour! Next year there will be mostly the same bands, but fewer locations. Final plans are not available yet! What I can tell you is that it’s totally a music festival worth checking out, even if you don’t know the bands. To some, Warped is a whole new experience! So, today I am here to tell you what to expect from Warped Tour.

Bands:  Below is the line-up from this year. Many of the bands are pretty low key and some have been around for a while like Simple Plan and Bowling For Soup. But be aware that all the bands don’t always show up at every show. In my case, I got there to learn that All Time Low had only planned to be at a few locations, but not in at this one.


Attire: This varies. I usually opt for something comfortable and light that I will be able to walk around in all day, that I can crowd surf in, that I won’t get entirely sweaty in. Even though summer skirts and dresses are super cute, they don’t do well for crowd surfing, so I chose shorts. I always think that Vans are appropriate footwear because the whole event is sponsored by them! Another thing to note is numerous different styles can be seen there. Some people wear studs, others wear normal t-shirts! Some wear tutus or long skirts with platform heels! It’s super interesting and a feast for the eyes. Below is what I wore to Warped this year. (Glitter provided by a tent there!) Sparkles are always welcome.IMG_7320


What I learned: 

  • Fanny packs aren’t the best option here because there are merch tents everywhere. It may be necessary to bring a draw-string bag in order to have more space in case you want 1. items other than stickers 2. bring your own food and water bottles and 3. need extra supplies like umbrellas or sunscreen.
  • I changed my hair halfway through the day to keep my hair off the back of my neck because at Warped there is only one tent meant to provide shade and the rest of the day is spent with the sun beating down on you as you walk around on the hot asphalt.
  • Food is expensive and the lines are long so the best plan is to bring snacks with you!

This year was my third time attending Warped Tour. The first two times I went to the festival in Cincinnati, and this year I went to the one in Shakopee, Minnesota. They are slightly different setups, but overall the same fun-filled experience. I feel fortunate to have spent time at Warped Tour while it was still making its way across the country.

If you have never been to Warped Tour, add it to your bucket list.  If you have been, go again with your friends or take a newbie and rock on! It’s a blast no matter what! You might see me there, enjoying being warped in Sienna Sky style!

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