Meows and Macaroons

Hello friends! Today we have a Travel Thursday featuring an Evansville must-do! (Especially for cat lovers.) It’s been a while since I have sat down to post a blog for you guys, but now that I am back into a good healthy routine, I’m hoping to make them more frequent! 😉

The River Kitty Cat Café is an amazing place to sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee and a cookie! They also offer wine, and on occasion, chips and guac. But most importantly, they have MACAROONS and CATS!! YES. Two of my favorite things in life.


Let’s first talk about the macaroons. Dude. When I was traveling in Europe I had tons of Macaroons and since then, have not been able to find any that quite measured up to those standards. Until now! These macaroons are perfectly cooled and have some really unique flavors. My favorite type of macaroon worldwide was the Rose flavored ones which are pink, and I found them at the River Kitty! So I got one Rose, along with the Honey Lavender, and the Creme Brûlée. Highly recommend.


Now, the best part — the kitties! All the cats on site come from the Vanderburg Humane Society, which means they can be adopted! But if you can’t afford a pet, or you’re not in the situation to adopt a pet, but you are a cat lover, then why not just go hang out with some of these fine furry felines?


Not everyone has time to fly and drive all over the place in search of adventure. Something close to home that is worth checking out is the cute Cat Cafe. It would be fun little activity for any cat appreciator near Evansville!

Now that I’m back in Evansville, you might catch me enjoying a cuddly pet at the River Kitty Cat Cafe and I’ll be doing it in Sienna Sky style!

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